This morning I woke up feeling frustrated and angry. You may feel the same as me today.

I opted for a 30-minute bike ride to thrash out my thoughts.

You too could do something that brings you joy. Taking exercise is a great choice to help subside those negative and anxious thoughts.

Perhaps you’re feeling low or you’re feeling particularly stressed from the working week. Here’s what you can do

Take a walk. Stop and look around you, find something to focus on and really see the beauty in that thing, it may be a view, a flower, an animal the birds, others enjoying the outdoors.

Get out into your garden, even if it’s raining! Get on your waterproofs and embrace what your garden has to offer.

Running, even if you are not a seasoned runner a walk or a jog will help you feel so much better.

Pick up the phone and talk to someone. Tell them how you are feeling.

Submerge yourself in a book or film (Tune out)

Take a bike ride

Since having my bike ride my thoughts don’t feel so loud. My anger has subsided
and my mood has lightened.

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